Effective digital communication is crucial in today modern research. Presentations, grants and fellowships, job interviews, and more, being able to summarize your work in a meaningful graphic can help accelerate your career growth.


Inkscape For STEM is a FREE resource that is intended to help researchers learn how to use the free vector-based graphical software Inkscape.

About The Program


1 | Introduction into Inkscape

1.1 Installing Inkscape

1.2 Navigating the User Interface

2 | Basics into Shapes

2.1 Making Shapes and Strokes

2.2 Modify and Merge Shapes via Path Effects

3 | Advanced Shapes & Custom Images

3.1 Custom Images and Shapes via Bitmap and Bezier Tool

4 | Putting it Together: Organization & Clarity

4.1 Importing Figures from other Programs

4.2 Figure Size and Exporting

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